agilify is a unique collective of three different organisations. Through the lens of people, we harness change to create an experience with space & technology that empowers the organisation to excel.

What Is agilify?

And How Can We Help YOU?

agilify is a unique collective that connects people, workspace, and technology to create spaces that people are passionate to BE in.



To enable organisations to create a positive employee experience by considering the importance of the people + the space + the technology in a holistic strategy.


To see ALL organisations & their people empowered & excited by space & technology.


Through the lens of people, we harness change to create an experience with space & technology that empowers the organisation to excel.

Why agilify?

The Modern Workplace, or Modern Ways of Working, or Agile Working, are buzz words we are all hearing sometimes on an hourly basis, depending on what your role is.  Employees expect flexibility and efficiency in how they perform their jobs (usually around the tools they are provided to do so), and we’re sure that you are seeing these shifts in attitudes.  That’s why you’re here.


We could go on for hours about WHAT key factors are precipitating these shifts, but that’s NOT why you are here.  The reasons, at the end of the day, are irrelevant.  What’s relevant is HOW DO WE GET THERE – AND SURVIVE?

Do you want to know HOW TO SURVIVE CHANGE? (With your sanity in tact?)

Who is agilify?

For over 20 years, Michael has designed and built countless corporate office interiors for both Australia-based companies as well as offices for multi-national corporations. His breadth of knowledge, not only as a designer, but as a contractor and builder, allows a bird’s eye view of a project rarely accessed – his company is a one-stop shop, so there is no passing the buck and he ensures his projects are run with a keen eye for detail.

Lena is a change expert, author, speaker, facilitator and coach with over 2 decades of experience in the change industry. She is an engaging speaker, and brings out the best in people by bringing them to AHA moments. She is fascinated by human behaviour, good, bad and ugly, and of course our brains, and how we are hardwired for change. She has been published on multiple industry websites, and her MBA also helps her to see both sides of change: sound academic discipline applied to the development of practical solutions. Check out her book, Hacking for Agile Change, if you don’t have a copy yet.

Rob has more than 20 years experience in communications. IComm started initially as a small company doing PABX phone systems, to now being a Microsoft and Polycom Gold Partner as a systems integrator. IComm is all about enabling collaboration via technology.  Rob has seen many changes in not only in his company, but the industry, and this is why he’s so passionate for organisations to take a more holistic approach.  His view has always been: “if we sell the technology, but the users don’t use it, then we’re not doing our jobs.”

Adrian is a Certified Change Practitioner who also has over 2 decades in communications. Halcyon is IComm’s internal Change Management arm that ensures their clients get their top ROI on their technology investment, by properly managing the change with the ADAPT methodology.
Adrian is a firm believer that in order for IComm to properly serve its clients, change management must be part of every single deployment of new technology. As IComm and Halcyon “Embrace Change as the New Constant,” he spearheads the change champions within their own organisation, and keeps them accountable.