agilify is a unique collective of three different organisations. Through the lens of people, we harness change to create an experience with space & technology that empowers the organisation to excel.

agilify: Coordinate The Essential Components of Your Business

agilify: Coordinate The Essential Components of Your Business

The single most important thing every CEO ought to know about work!

Written by Michael Greaves, Designer & Builder

All things considered, we’ve been doing pretty well here in Australia. We adapt to change fairly rapidly and are quick to adopt new technologies and new ways of thinking. But there’s one key element missing from the way we do things: coordination.

Here, I’m talking about coordinating the essential components that make up a business, which are the people, the space and the technology. Everyone who works, whether we’re digging a hole or operating on someone’s brain, are people using technology in a space. Take away any of these essentials, and nothing gets done.  Although we might intuitively understand that people, space and technology are the fundamental components of work, we rarely take the time to consider the interdependence of these components. When we make a change to any of these elements, there’s a direct impact on the performance of others that often creates the need for additional change. For example:

    • Change the technology, and the people will need to be taught how to use it; the space will most likely also need to change to accommodate the new functionality.
    • Make a change to the people, and the space and technology will need to change to accommodate their requirements.
    • Any change to the space will necessitate changes being made to the technology, as well as change management for the staff.


All too often, we have a tendency to make changes first and rely on the human capacity to adapt to them. It’s true that adaptation seems to be hard-wired into human beings, but we can do much better than simply relying on our evolutionary programming. After all, even if you can trust your staff to react and adapt when change occurs, relying on the reaction rather than planning ahead is a lost opportunity to ensure that the change has a positive influence beyond the initial effects, improving the business as a whole.

That’s why we’ve been working on a new and better way of doing things. Starting from an understanding of the interdependence between people, space and technology in working life, we’ve designed a process that not only manages change, but actually takes advantage of it—allowing us to deliver significantly more positive results.

A new way of doing things

It’s become apparent that, to be blunt, we’ve been going about the process of making workspaces all wrong. In the past, we tended to take a compartmentalised approach to the workspace: different sections of an organisation would each have separate objectives and responsibilities, only some of which would ever be relayed to the designer. This resulted in briefs being only partially communicated, missed changes to objectives, and a lot of unrealised potential opportunities to make meaningful change.

Not only is the process of changing a workplace stressful, time-consuming and costly, it also distracts a business from its core purpose by forcing it to do something that’s outside its area of expertise.

agilify provides a turnkey solution for transforming a business. It can mitigate the stress, distraction and costs associated with change by providing you with a unified, expert approach and offering a change solution that’s tailored to each individual business.

Alleviating common pain points

Any process of change in a business will have pain points to some degree, and the bigger the change, the greater the pain. Generally speaking, organisations that are “change-ready” or “change fit” tend to suffer less when change occurs. However, in the absence of a unified approach to dealing with each of the primary aspects of the workplace—people, space and technology—pain is inevitable, even if you’re otherwise prepared.

Of course, change can never truly be averted—only postponed. But putting off dealing with change inevitably leads to either forced change, which can be unpleasant, or a slow slide into irrelevance (which is itself a form of change, albeit one that’s best avoided).

agilify represents a paradigm shift. We consider the process of change to be the objective, not the result of the change itself. Formally, we’re more concerned about the results of the change, as this leads our clients to suffer through change to get to the objective. Our philosophy is that if we get the change process right, the result will be better, faster and less painful, produce less waste, and be generally more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Changing the process of change

agilify changes the change process by providing a unified approach that deals with the people, the space and the technology as a whole.

We analyse the whole business and how it works, not just the space itself.
We identify better working scenarios, taking transformational working methodology into consideration.
We develop a strategy that will support staff in a more elastic delivery method, allowing for the workplace to dynamically respond to change.

Including each discipline in the team at every stage, from the inception of a project to its conclusion, enables the team to better understand the existing work situation and to propose, implement and educate better work scenarios. Our holistic approach ensures that your business is considered as a single entity, not as separate component parts.

Only once we have a thorough understanding of what your organisation needs and wants will we start to build these ideas into the space. By this time, the staff are empowered and invested, the management are energised, and we’re all working cohesively and tracking in the same direction.

Benefits of the agilify approach

    • agilify’s approach will save time, money and effort while eliciting a response from the organisation’s staff that will help them work more productively and with greater satisfaction.
    • If an employee is productive and satisfied, they are far more likely to remain within the organisation (this is the ideal scenario: productive and happy people!)
    • The organisation will experience less pain, reduced expenses, less wasted effort, increased cost savings, and the benefits of happy, productive staff who remain loyal to the organisation.
    • For our part, the agilify collective takes enormous satisfaction in investing organisations with meaningful change.



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